Re: Do rings get in the way?

laura-smithburg-byrne on #109564

I don’t know what Lucille Lawrence had to say about nail polish and rings, but I remember Alice Chalifoux had a conservative view about that. I remember her commenting that the harpists’ hands should not distract from the beauty of the music and the performance. She felt the hand was most beautiful “au natural” and rings were always removed during lessons. She always encouraged us to dress well on a budget, yet always try to be fashionable and elegant.

She reminded us that we were performing on the most beautiful instrument in the orchestra and that we should try to be equally elegant performers. She didn’t care for nail polish and I don’t remember any of my peers ever wearing any.

As for getting “hit on”, I think that always happens to young single female harpists, although a ring can keep some of the nastier wolves away. Sorry Christian, I don’t know how it is for male harpists, but being really friendly always helps, especially when you need to make some good tips! I remember Miss Chalifoux encouraging us to “flirt with everyone” and to be fun and easy-going. She hated “prissy princesses” and “holier than thou” types, but loved someone who was fun and knew a few really good jokes. ; )

I hope you pick a ring that is REALLY BEAUTIFUL and not worry about whether you can play with it or not, you can always slip it back on during your break.

Good luck and best wishes!