Re: Dancing Harpists?

vince-pierce on #111044

I have never danced, although I really admire ballroom dancing and classical dance. My harp teacher and another harp teacher I know were both in ballet.
I think of a lot of music (especially 20th century) in terms of dance or movement, which helps me with phrasing and things like that. Of course, I try not to dance while playing…in fact I don’t like to move too much 🙂 I also think that ballet had a significant impact on Salzedo technique (especially through Nijinksy), and I find that fascinating and creative. Harp is an instrument that requires a certain amount of choreography, with pedals/levers and moving around the strings. When I carefully coordinate all my movements with what I’m playing, it helps my rhythm and helps me tie the piece together. I think in that aspect, dance can help with harp playing.