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Well, this has obviously been a hard road for everyone involved. If it eases your mind any, it was never obvious that Mrs. O’Carroll was doing business with Venus until very recently. Perhaps she was upset by not knowing all that you were doing and having to do on your end, and sometimes thinking that nothing was happening. There is nothing better than progress reports to ease one’s stress. You haven’t addressed the condition of the harp, though, and why she needed to return it, that I recall. Having such a distance to be covered would certainly add to anyone’s distress if in great need of a harp. I, for one, don’t think her obviously high standards have to be lowered because she lives in Tasmania, which is quite beatiful in a very weird way, and the fact that there is a flaw in her new harp only shows that she does not discriminate between harp manufacturers in her expectations. In fact, she seems to have owned or played on more types of harps than anyone I know! Yes, these forums can be dangerous as they seem to encourage emotional responses and are published immediately for all who care to see. I think business owners can rest assured that they are taken with a grain of salt by any reader who has been around the internet for very long. I have aired a few peeves, myself, some of long standing, some of little or no importance. It is up to the reader to consider the intended weight of the statement. We are all adjusting to the peskiness of the internet, and its new requirements of us. It’s terrible you had to have surgery, and I hope you are recovering well.