Re: Basic Method and Repertoire through High Schoole

Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #88379

Here are some general suggestions, without knowing the level of your students:
Bach: Bourree
Handel: Theme and Variations, Passacaglia
Haydn: Theme and Variations
Dussek: Sonatinas and Sonata
Solos for the Harp Player: Pavane, Debussy Arabesque, Corell and Rameau pieces, Durand Chaconne
Salzedo: Preludes for Beginners, pieces from Art of Modulating, Suite of Eight Dances, Preludes Intimes, Chanson Chagrine, Fraicheur
Grandjany: Frere Jacques, Automne
Owens: Six Pieces for Harp
Ibert: Reflets dans l’eau, Scherzetto (didn’t