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Hey guys, sorry for bringing up this old topic…
Well…after 3 years from the creation of this topic, those are still the only electric harps around… a bit disappointing 🙁
And since I’m searching for one with the strap, the option are 3:
DHC Bluelight
Grand Harpsicle

Now, talking about prices, the Silhouette is listed at 6k$ , the Grand Harpsicle at $1695 and the price of the DHC Bluelight is apparently a national secret 😀 I’ve been writing to Camac but I didn’t received any reply, I only found it one one website listed at -ouch- £3695 .

Up until now I also never found a shop in UK that has an electric harp to try.
Only one said that they could order one for me and they assured me that it sound nice…but NO WAY I’m gonna buy an harp without even trying it…

I hope Camac is gonna reply…I really want to try the DHC 🙁