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Sherj DeSantis

At 38 strings, you have a larger size floor harp, so maybe that’s where part of the “professional” label comes in. Personally, gut is a sound preference. It is more mellow than nylon. I think a lot of true Celtic style players, might prefer the brighter tone of nylon, and the way it performs in fast pieces. I have both! I will tell you when my fingers or hands bother me, I back off of gut, and play nylon. I wonder if the Korrigan is strung in lever gut, which is between the nylon and pedal gut? I also think it might pay to buy a harp that can be strung in gut. If you wanted to, you can usually change out gut and put on nylon. You would probably need to have it regulated then. You can not however, put gut on a harp meant to be strung in nylon. The tension needed for gut is higher. Neither has anything to do with your ability. Best of luck in your harp shopping. Sherj