Woojin Lee wins first prize at Hong Kong International Harp Competition


Woo Chin (Woojin) Lee of Korea takes home the top prize at the fourth Hong Kong International Harp Competition, with Adam Phan (USA) and Jasmine Shek (Hong Kong) winning silver and bronze respectively. An impressive 173 harpists competed in live rounds that took place Oct. 4–7 at the Youth Square in Hong Kong, following a video recording round in May 2018. The competition was open to harpists of all nationalities and offered eight different divisions, including three categories for young lever harpists and an “open” category for pedal harpists over the age of 20.

A. Children (lever)

First prize: Xi Yu Ge Liu, China; Ying Chu Lu, China
Second prize: Marcel Schumacher, Hong Kong
Third prize: Zi Chun Lin, Hong Kong
Fourth prize: Audrey Sun, Hong Kong; Hei U Wong, Macau; Elena Tang, China
Fifth prize: Jerielle Kok, Singapore; Alyssa Chun Yan Leung, Hong Kong; Yanyi Qin, China
Honorable mention: Wenxin Yin, China; Ho Yee Yip, Hong Kong; Ka Tong Chon, Macau

B. Primary I (lever)

First prize: Tsz Yam Pai, Hong Kong
Second prize: Yiwen Wang, China
Third prize: Natalie Wing Sum Chow, Hong Kong; Sin Kiu Lee, Hong Kong; Samantha Lee, Hong Kong
Fourth prize: Ziqian Ye, China
Fifth prize: Kezhen Zhang, China
Honorable mention: Jia Yang Li, China; YunYan Liu, China; Serene Shiu-Ning Tu, USA/Taiwan; Qianqian Cui, China; Haorong Wang, China

C. Primary II (lever)

First prize: Wai Huen Jamie Choy, Hong Kong
Second prize: Yu Kei Liu, Hong Kong
Third prize: Natalie Yick, Hong Kong
Fourth prize: Yuejia Yan, China
Fifth prize: Baobao Hou, China
Honorable mention: Wenxin Chen, China; Tassawan Pussaramalai, Thailand

D. Primary III (pedal)

First prize: Fung Yu, Hong Kong
Second prize: Chaewon Kim, Korea; Eve Lung, Hong Kong
Fourth prize: Yu Yin Cantadivina Wong, Hong Kong
Honorable mention: Tuana Coskun, Turkey; Pui Ka Law, Hong Kong; Jansci Wong, Hong Kong

E. Secondary I (pedal)

First prize: Rose Shek, Hong Kong
Second prize: Ran Zhan, China
Third prize: Zoé Buyck, France
Fourth prize: Chloe Lau, Hong Kong
Fifth prize: Jia Yao, China
Honorable mention: Zhong Ming Wan, China

F. Secondary II (pedal)

First prize: Hanjiao Zou, China
Second prize: Danielle Nam, United States
Third prize: YiZhu Gao, China
Fourth prize: Tongxin Chen, China
Fifth prize: Hannah Butcher, USA
Honorable Mention: Ming Sin Siu, Hong Kong; Natalie Lo, Hong Kong

G. Professional (pedal)

First prize: Woo Chin (Woojin) Lee, Korea
Second prize: Adam Phan, USA
Third prize: Jasmine Shek, Hong Kong
Fourth prize: Jianan Wang, China
Fifth prize: Xinyue Zhang, China
Honorable mention: Madeline Olson, USA

H. Open (pedal)

First prize: Congxiao Chen, China
Second prize: Yu Chen Li, Taiwan
Third prize: Wai Fong Lau, Hong Kong
Fourth prize: Fei Zhao, China
Fifth prize: Wing Tung Leung, Hong Kong

For more information about the competition, visit http://hkharpsociety.org/.


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