Virtual Summer Camp Roundup 2020

If your summer music plans have been canceled and you’re wondering what you can do to fill in the gap, look no further. We’ve found a dozen summer camps that are hosting their programs virtually, and there is something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginning harp enthusiast or an advanced high school student looking for college credit, we’ve found a way for you to continue your harp education without interruption this summer.
Don’t see your summer camp listed here? Tell us about it so we can include it next time. Check our Summer Harp Camp directory for updated information about ongoing programs. 

American Harp Academy

When: June 21–26
Who: Maria Luisa Rayan and Jacquelyn Bartlett

Ages: 11–adult

Berklee College of Music Summer Programs

When: July 11–August 14 (Five-Week Music Performance Intensive); May 26–August 14, 2020 (summer semester)
Who: Felice Pomeranz

Ages: 14–adult

Canadian International Summer Harp Institute

When: July 17–24
Who: Gianetta Baril, Judy Loman, Julia Kay Jamieson, and Ellen Gibling
Ages: 14–adult

More Info:

Curtis Summerfest Harp Colony

When: June 8–12
Who: Elizabeth Hainen and Judy Loman
Ages: all ages
More Info:

GreenSpring Summer Harp Institute

When: check website
Who: Amber Carpenter, Aponi Brunson, Lynnelle Ediger-Kordzaia, Claire Jones, Alexander Kordzaia, Chris Marshall, Alison Read, and Rebecca Anstine Smith
Ages: all ages
More Info:

Harp Column Academy Summer Camp

When: August 3–7
Who: Harp Column Academy master teachers and expert instructors Lynne Aspnes, Rhett Barnwell, Grace Browning, Sarah Bullen, Cheryl Losey Feder, Maeve Gilchrist, Alice Giles, Jaymee Haefner, Angelica Hairston, Rachel Lee Hall, Grainne Hambly, Deborah Henson-Conant, Bridget Kibbey, Judy Loman, Isabelle Perrin, Felice Pomeranz, Maria Luisa Rayan, Kim Robertson, Sunita Staneslow, Park Stickney, and Amanda Whiting
Ages: all ages, all levels
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Interlochen Arts Camp

When: June 28–July 19
Who: Joan Raeburn Holland
Ages: grades 2–12
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When: July 19–25
Who: Joan Raeburn Holland
Ages: grades 9–12
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New England Music Camp

When: July 5–31
Eric Sabatino
More Info:

Ohio Scottish Arts School

When: June 29–July 3
Rachel Clemente, Rachel Hair, Jen Narkevicius, and Sue Richards
all ages
More Info:

Summer Classical Studies @ Eastman

When: July 12–31
Who: Rosanna Moore
Ages: 14–18
More Info:

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Institute

When: see website
Who: Elizabeth Volpé Bligh
Ages: 14–college
More Info:

Young Artist’s Harp Seminar

When: July 7–16
Who: Susan Bennett Brady, Kimberly Rowe, Angela Schwarzkopf, Kathryn Andrews, Ellie Kirk, Emily Levin, Kristi Shade, and Katherine Siochi
Ages: 8–26
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