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The USA International Harp Competition has announced the roster of harpists who will compete at the live event July 10–20, 2013, in Bloomington, Ind. Fifty harpists from 21 countries were invited to compete in person at the 9th International Harp Competition following a preliminary video screening of first round repertoire. For complete details about the USAIHC, visit their website at

The contestants are:

Ritsuko Arima, Japan
Ursula Ascic, Slovenia
Vuokko Athila, Finland
Emilie Bastens, Netherlands
Madeline Blood, USA
Chu Chun Cheng, Taiwan
Yu Ying Chen, China
Daphne Coullet, France
Joana Daunyte, Lithuania
Seika Dong, USA
Maja Dvoracek, Germany
Irene Fenninger, Germany
Helen Gerhold, USA
Louise Grandjean, France
Feier Gu, China
Viktor Hartobanu, Germany
Zachary Hatcher, USA
Emily Hoile, UK
SeHee Hwang, South Korea
Saika Ireshiro, Japan
Coline Jaget, France
Agne Keblyte,Lithuania
Jeremy Kepplemann, USA
Merve Kocabeyler, Turkey
Elizaveta Kozina, Russia
Emily Levin, USA
Chu-Heng Liao, Taiwan
Shuang Liu, China
Gwenllian Llyr, UK
Julia Lukan, Austria
Marta Marinelli, Italy
Mina Marinkovic, Serbia
Ann McLaughlin, USA
Ian McVoy, USA
Mayo Miura, Japan
Yuki Miyata, Japan
Cristina Montes Mateo, Spain
Alexandra Mullins, USA
Emmanuel Padilla Holguin, Mexico
Jia Peng, China
Elisabeth Plank, Austria
Betuel Ramirez, Mexico
Marion Ravot, France
Mary Reid, UK
Haley Rhodeside, USA
Aubrey Shumway, USA
Markus Thalheimer, Germany
Remy van Kersteren, Netherlands
Sarah Verrue, Belguim
Joel von Lerber, Switzerland
Nora von Marschall, Germany
Gao Xing, China


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