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In less than four months, all eyes in the harp world will turn to Israel as musicians representing 24 countries compete in the 21st  International Harp Contest in Israel. The triennial competition announced the order of appearance of its 61 contestants in the prestigious event to be held Sept. 1–Oct. 14. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the first two stages will be held remotely and live-streamed on the internet Sept. 1–20. The semi-final and final stages will be held in-person Oct. 10–14 in Old Acre (Akko), Israel. Because of the extenuating circumstances, the contest accepted more than the previously stated 36 contestants to compete in the first round. Germany boasts the most representatives with nine, followed by Russia with eight, and seven from the USA. The order of performers is:

  1. Kaytie Kerr, USA
  2. Anđela Stanković, Serbia
  3. Chiara Sax, Austria
  4. Maria Bubnova, Russia
  5. Luna Vissers, Belgium
  6. Chu-Heng Liao, Taiwan
  7. Madeleine Fougeras, France
  8. Rosanna Moore, United Kingdom
  9. Anna-Lena Killinger, Austria
  10. Emily Melendes, USA
  11. Morgan Short, USA
  12. HanjiaoZou, China
  13. Hiu Man Lilian Kong, Hong Kong
  14. Wan Zhongming, Canada
  15. Joana Daunyte-Savickiene, Lithuania
  16. Cansu Sezal, Turkey
  17. Daria Rumiantseva, Russia
  18. Sakuya Ota, Japan
  19. Dariia Ahapova, Ukraine
  20. Emily Hoile, United Kingdom
  21. Olivia Debrabandere, Belgium
  22. Serafina Jaffé, Germany
  23. Kseniia Kochergina, Russia
  24. Valerio Lisci, Italy
  25. Floriandre Dezaire, France
  26. Juliette Duguay (Patenaude), Canada
  27. Gunes Hizlilar, Turkey
  28. Liubov Yuryeva, Russia
  29. Xinyue Zhang, China
  30. Roxana Hädler, Czech Republic
  31. Liliana Safikhanova, Russia
  32. Nora von Marschall, Germany
  33. Jianan Wang, China
  34. Verena Meurers-Zeiser, Germany
  35. Ekaterina Dvoretskaya, Russia
  36. Katarina Stanković, Serbia
  37. Joost Willemze, The Netherlands
  38. Klara Woskowiak, Poland
  39. Varvara Bovina, Russia
  40. Veronika Lemishenko, Ukraine
  41. Nina Kupriyanova, Russia
  42. Olivia Kim, USA/Korea
  43. Solenn Grand, France
  44. Yun ChaiLee, Singapore
  45. Luisa Gabrisch, Germany
  46. Milo Harper, United Kingdom
  47. Marika CeciliaRiedl, Germany
  48. Zarja Javh Dobernik, Slovenia
  49. Abigail Kent, USA
  50. BaileyJorgensen, USA
  51. Beatriz Cortesão, Portugal
  52. Catharina Mothes, Germany
  53. Juri Saito, Japan
  54. Jeremy Keppelmann, USA
  55. Teresa Emilia Raff, Germany
  56. Naho Higuchi, Japan
  57. Maёlle Martin, France
  58. Lea Maria Löffler, Germany
  59. Mirian Ruf, Germany
  60. Claudia Lucia Lamanna, Italy
  61. Shiho Minami, Japan

Contestants will compete over four stages, performing required repertoire and free choice selections. The event hosted its 20th contest in October 2018, with Lenka Petrovic (Serbia) winning first prize, Joel von Lerber (Switzerland) taking home second, and native Israeli Marina Fradin receiving third prize. Founded by Aharon Zvi Propes in 1959, the contest is now directed by the principal harpist with the Israel Philharmonic, Julia Rovinsky.


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