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Oct. 15 marks the inaugural performance of the Dallas Harp Quartet, whose powerhouse members include  (from left) Grace Browning (Dallas Opera), Emily Levin (Dallas Sympohny), Cheryl Losey Feder (Sarasota Orchestra), and Karen Abrahamson Thomas (Baylor University School of Music), all relative newcomers to the Dallas area. The ensemble will perform for the opening concert of the Bancroft Family Concert Series at the Dallas Museum of Art.

“In the last few years, Dallas has experienced tremendous growth in the harp community thanks to thriving arts institutions, fabulous teaching opportunities, and fantastic audience support,” says member Grace Browning. “We are fortunate to be able to draw inspiration and repertoire from the amazing harp quartets already in existence (the Chicago Harp Quartet and American Harp Quartet, to name a few) who have created demand for this unique performance niche. We hope to inspire our audiences with the incredible versatility of harp ensemble and the glorious sound of the harp!”

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