When you record 22 commercial albums in 26 years, you become the de facto authority on all things recording among harpists. Yolanda Kondonassis tells us what has changed (everything) and what remains the same a quarter century after her debut album.

We interviewed Yolanda Kondonassis in 1993 for the cover of the second issue of Harp Column just as she was releasing her album Scintillation. It was the first commercial album for Kondonassis on the Telarc label, and the last time she let the label’s stylist do her hair for an album cover—back in the days when record labels were flush with cash to pay for hair and makeup and stylists. Kondonassis has gone on to make 22 albums in the last 26 years—prolific by any standard, and particularly impressive when you consider the wholesale changes in the recording industry during the same time period.

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