Motoshi Kosako’s Late Night Jazz at WHC Sydney


Monday, July 21st was the first full day at this year’s World Harp Congress. After a busy day of masterclasses, workshops, recitals, and the evening Contemporary Harp Concert at the Verbrugghen Hall at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, I walked back to the Four Seasons Hotel exhausted. As I walked into the hotel lobby, I saw many people heading towards the ballroom, and I remembered about Motoshi Kosako’s Late Night Jazz session. As soon as I walked in, I completely fell in love with his music. He played different styles of jazz music on this beautiful black Camac harp. Right after the session ended, everyone rushed to the table which has his CD’s displayed, and his CD’s were sold in seconds. His performance was unquestionably beautiful and relaxing, and it gave people a wonderful ending of the day.


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