Mallory McHenry joins harp faculty at Texas Christian University


Mallory McHenry was recently appointed to the harp faculty at Texas Christian University. “This position is so meaningful to me because I am able to carry on the torch of my very first harp teacher, Dr. Laura Brandenburg,” McHenry says. “The harp program at TCU is special and full of life and hope given the current times. Dr. Brandenburg held the position for 20 years, and preceding her, Sydney Howell held the position for 29 years. A lot of powerful history built an amazing program. I am excited to keep the momentum going.”  

Texas Christian University is home to over 325 music majors and 70 faculty members. The harp department offers private lessons, harp ensemble, and harp pedagogy classes. When asked about her plans for the harp program, McHenry says “my vision for the program is to continue to build on a studio filled with compassionate, forward-thinking musicians, who have a passion for learning in a supportive environment. In our ever-changing world of music, having supportive peers and colleagues makes music making intentional and meaningful. Ultimately, I want my students to be advocates for their art in whatever way they decide to curate their careers. To speak from their hearts, wherever their careers take them.” 

As an educator, McHenry has served on the faculty of the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. She currently operates the McHenry Suzuki Studio in Austin, Texas where she offers piano and harp lessons to students of all ages. As a performer, she was featured on the NBC show “He Is Risen” and was named a Young Artist in Residence with American Public Media in 2019. McHenry received a bachelor’s degree from Oakwood University and a Master of Music in Harp Performance from the University of Texas at Austin. She is currently a doctoral student at the University of Texas at Austin.  

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