Glowing Harp Competition results announced


The 2nd international Glowing Harp Competition in Kharkiv, Ukraine concluded on April 10, with prizes going to competitors in six categories. Spanning five days, participants came from Japan, Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Turkey, and the Ukraine. The competition, sponsored by Camac Harps, was judged by Daiva Šlyzienė (Lithuania), Paul Patterson (United Kingdom), Merve Kocabeyler (Turkey), Kateryna Muslienko, and Ivanna Mytrogan (Ukraine). Founded by Larisa Klievtsova and Veronika Lemishenko, Glowing Harps is an international harp project that also includes festivals, masterclasses, and recitals. The first harp competition took place in 2006 and the first international competition launched in 2017. The next installment is scheduled for 2021.

“Debut” category (age 8 and under)

  • 1st prize: Olesya Skoryk (Ukraine) and Angelina Saiko (Ukraine)
  • 2nd prize: Zlata Sabirova (Russia) and Yana Magey (Ukraine)

Varvara Vasyl’eva in category I won a Bardic Celtic harp from Camac Harps.

Category I (age 11 and under)

  • 1st prize: Varvara Vasyl’eva (Ukraine) and Marina Mart’yanova (Ukraine)
  • 2nd prize: Maria Anchugova (Russia) and Kseniya Kharchenko (Ukraine)
  • 3rd prize: Arina Kogan (Russia), Anna Shekera (Ukraine), and Elyzaveta Kalinichenko (Ukraine)
  • Honorable mention: Liliya Konstantinova (Ukraine)
  • Camac Harps special prize winner: Varvara Vasyl’eva

Category II (age 14 and under)

  • 1st prize: Viktoria Smetana (Ukraine)
  • 2nd prize: Ada Canata (Turkey)
  • 3rd prize: Defne Anar (Turkey)
  • Honorable mention: Elina Moskovko (Ukraine)
  • Best debut with orchestra: Viktoria Smetana
  • Best performance of “Memory:” Ada Canata

Daria Khoroshun (category III) won a special prize from Vere Music Fund to participate in a harp course in Croatia this July

Category III (age 18 and under)

  • 1st prize: Evelien Vaneysendeyk (Belgium)
  • 2nd prize: Daria Ahapova (Ukraine)
  • 3rd prize: Elyzaveta Rakovska (Ukraine)
  • Honorable mention: Anna Voronova (Ukraine) and Daria Khoroshun (Ukraine)
  • Yuri Yanko and “Khortitsa Accord” special prize: Evelien Vaneysendeyk
  • Best performance of “Elegy in Memory of Glinka:” Daria Ahapova
  • Vere Music Fund special prize: Daria Khoroshun


Category IV (age 25 and under)

  • 2nd prize: Hitomi Ishimaru (Japan) and Clara Simarro (Germany)
  • Best performance of “Souvenir:” Clara Simarro
  • Best performance of Paul Patterson: Hitomi Ishimaru

“Harp Duo” category (for two harps)

  • 1st prize in category I: Arina Kogan and Zlata Sabirova (Russia)
  • 1st prize in category II: Liliya Konstantinova and Viktoria Smetana (Ukraine)
  • 1st prize in category III: Daria Ahapova and Elyzaveta Rakovska (Ukraine)
  • 2nd prize in category II: Anna Shekera and Maria Voronova (Ukraine)
  • 2nd prize in category III: Daria Khoroshun and Anna Voronova (Ukraine)
  • “Glowing Duo” special prize: Liliya Konstantinova and Viktoria Smetana

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