Two decades after bursting onto the world stage, Catrin Finch is going in a direction that is all her own, but does not leave her all alone.

photos by Rhys Frampton

A harpist’s life can be a lonely one. Catrin Finch discovered this early on in her career, while she was still a student. When we first talked to Finch back in 2001, she had an inkling that she didn’t want to spend her life touring by herself. “To be honest, I prefer to play with other people because it’s lonely up there all by yourself,” she said in our January/February 2001 interview with her. Finch says her collaborations really started in the last 10 years or so, with the Colombian group Cimarrón. She was back out on tour again with the group when we caught up with her prior to a concert in early February.

Finch said having the opportunity to work with a group of musicians that weren’t from the classical world she was from and seeing a different approach to making music and rehearsing was eye-opening. “I think what happened is I found an affinity for this style of music—it was more me as a person, this different way of doing things, and I loved it,” she says.

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