A Day in the Life at the WHC Sydney 2014


What a great day at the World Harp Congress! Our day started with a presentation and concert on Early Harp Music featuring Hannah Lane, Laura Sherman and Tori Drake, was followed by a premiere of a concerto by Paul Patterson performed by Juliana Myslov, continued with an interview with Susann McDonald and Linda Wood Rollo, a masterclass with Isabelle Perrin (who graciously stepped in for Bernard Andres, who was sadly not able to attend) and ended with drinks with harpists from around the world at the top of the Shangri-La Hotel with amazing views of the Sydney Harbor! We also stopped by the Camac lounge, where we ran into Liza Jensen and Jakez Francois and got to see some new shipments from Camac. We also visited the Lyon and Healy lounge, where we reunited with Steve Fritzmann and Natalie Bilik, who let us play their beautiful golden harps for sale. By wandering through the other exhibits, we also got to try a triple strung harp for the first time – such a crazy instrument!

Tomorrow we are off to check out Manly Beach and the kangaroos and koalas bears at the Taronga Zoo!


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