2018 Guide to Winter and Spring Festivals


2018 is here in full force, so we’ve found upcoming festivals happening around the world this winter and spring to help you stay on track and achieve your goals. Check out all the fantastic programs coming up this season, and make sure to check back for our summer and fall round-up.

Don’t see your festival listed here? Tell us about it so we can include it next time!

New Orleans Jazz Harp and Pop Weekend

When: Jan. 25 – Jan. 28
Where: New Orleans, Louisiana
Who: Patrice Fisher, Christa Grix, Rachel Van Voorhees, Luke Brechtelsbauer
More Info: http://www.neworleansjazzharp.com/ 

Christopher Newport University Harp Festival

When: Jan. 27
Where: Newport News, Virginia
Who: Sue Richards, Angel Tolosa, Barbara Chapman
More Info: http://cnu.edu/academics/departments/music/festivals/harpfestival/

Harp en Avesnois

When: Feb. 3 – Feb. 11
Where: Avesnois, Hauts-de-France
Who: Nicolas Tulliez, Catherine Dubois, Virginie Tarrête
More Info: http://www.harpeenavesnois.com/

Glowing Harp

When: March 1 – March 4
Where: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Who: Jasmin-Isabel Kuhne, Veronika Lemishenko, Larisa Klevtsova
More Info: http://glowingharp-ukraine.com/

Beginning in the Middle

When: March 1 – March 4
Where: Williamsburg, Virginia
Who: Lynne Aspnes, Robbin Gordon-Cartier, Deborah Henson-Conant, Kim Robertson, Frank Voltz
More Info: http://www.beginninginthemiddle.com/


When: March 16 – March 18
Where: Charlotte, North Carolina
Who: Ina Zdorovetchi, Laura Byrne, Michelle Cobley, Christine Van Arsdale, Alexandra Katelyn Mullins
More Info: http://www.lyonhealy.com/harptacular

Edinburgh International Harp Festival

When: March 30 – April 4
Where: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Who: Park Stickney, Rachel Newton, Catriona McKay, Ailie Robertson, Nikolaz Cadoret, Gabriella Dall’Olio, and others
More Info: https://www.harpfestival.co.uk/ 

Wales Harp Festival

When: April 1 – April 7
Where: Caernarfon, Wales
Who: Osian Ellis, Elinor Bennett, Ben Creighton-Griffiths, Karen Vaughan, Paul Dooley, Maeve Gilchrist
More Info: https://www.walesharpfestival.co.uk/

Cracow Harp Days

When: April 7 – April 8
Where: Cracow, Poland
Who: Isabelle Moretti, Marta Power Luce, Elizabeth Jaxon, and Rossitza Milevska
More Info: https://www.camac-harps.com/en/blog/comingup/cracow-harp-days-2018/


When: April 27 – April 29
Where: Columbus, Ohio
Who: Florence Sitruk, Gillian Benet Sella, Jeanne Norton, Jude Mollenhauer, Yan Ni, Nancy Lendrim, Jody Guinn
More Info: http://www.lyonhealy.com/harptacular/

Dutch Harp Festival

When:  May 12 – May 13
Where: Utrecht, Netherlands
Who: Remy van Kesteren, Elizabeth Jaxon
More Info: http://harpfestival.nl/

The Harp Gathering

When: May 17 – May 20
Where: Toledo, Ohio
Who: Frank Voltz, Nicolas Carter, Martha Gallagher, Cass Jendzurski, Harper Tasche, and others
More Info: http://www.harpgathering.com/

Harpes au Max

When: May 17 – May 20
Where: Ancenis, France
Who: Edmar Casteneda, Isabelle Perrin, Addi & Jacq, Nikolaz Cadoret, and others
More Info: http://www.harpesaumax.com/

Swiss Harp Festival

When: May 19 – May 21
Where: Locarno, Switzerland
More Info: https://www.swissharp.ch/festival


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