2018 Guide to Fall Festivals


With fall just around the corner, we want to make sure you start out your school year right. From Buenos Aires to Zagreb, be sure to check out all the fantastic programs and performers scheduled around the world this season!

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Granard Harp Festival

When: Aug. 31–Sept. 2
Where: Granard, Ireland
Who: Kim Fleming, John Dungan, and others
More Info: http://www.longfordlibrary.ie/creative-ireland-longford/granard-harp-festival/festival-2018/

Harp Day

When: Sept. 7–Sept. 8
Where: East Lansing, Michigan
Who: Chen-Yu Huang and Molly O’Roark
More Info: https://www.music.msu.edu/harp-day


When: Sept. 14–Sept. 16
Where: Portland, Oregon
Who: Sasha Boldachev, Denise Fujikawa, Kimberly Houser, Kate Petak, and Laura Zaerr
More Info: https://www.lyonhealy.com/harptacular/

Cromarty Harp Village

When: Sept. 22–Sept. 23
Where: Cromarty, United Kingdom
Who: Rachel Newton, Cheyenne Brown, Corrina Hewat, and Isbel Pendlebury
More Info: http://www.cromartyartstrust.org.uk/the-harp-village.asp

Spanish Peaks Harp Retreat

When: Sept. 27–Sept. 30
Where: Walsenburg, Colorado
Who: Áine Minogue, Sunita Staneslow, and Vie Lidmark
More Info: http://www.spanishpeaksharpretreat.com/

Nova Scotia Harp Festival

When: Sept. 28–Sept. 30
Where: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Who: Ann Heymann and Charlie Heymann
More Info: https://nsharp.ca/

Wild Strings

When: Oct. 5–Oct. 7
Where: Manchester, United Kingdom
Who: Park Stickney, Monika Stadler, Rachael Gladwin, Alina Bzhezhinska, Amanda Whiting, Tara Minton, Shelley Fairplay, Amy Turk, Eleanor Turner, and others
More Info: https://www.wildstrings.co.uk/

Buenos Aires Harp Week

When: Oct. 8–Oct. 14
Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Who: Oscar Rodriguez Do Campo, Rita Costanzi, Sasha Boldachev, and Elisabeth Plank
More Info: https://harpcolumn.com/event/4th-buenos-aires-harp-week/


When: Oct. 12–Oct.14
Where: Phoenix, Arizona
Who: Park Stickney, Adrienne Bridgewater, Stephen Hartman, Charles W. Lynch III, and Heidi Tims Hernandez
More Info: https://www.lyonhealy.com/harptacular/

Camac Festival

When: Oct. 19–Oct. 21
Where: Belfort, France
Who: Patrizia Tassini, Anne Postic, Guan Wang, Hélène Duchaillut, Ophélia Grimm, and others
More Info: https://www.camac-harps.com/en/blog/comingup/festivalbelfort/

Bucharest Harp Festival

When: Oct. 26–Oct. 28
Where: Bucharest, Romania
Who: Chantal Mathieu, Maria Bîldea, Ion Ivan-Roncea, and others
More Info: https://festivaluldeharpabucuresti.ro/

Achill International Harp Festival

When: Oct. 26–Oct. 29
Where: Achill Island, Scotland
Who: Tríona Marshall, Michael Rooney, Kathleen Loughnane, Catríona Cannon, and others
More Info: http://achillharpfestival.ie/

Harp on Wight

When: Oct. 26–Oct. 30
Where: Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
Who: Anne Denholm, Nicolette Chin, Milo Harper, Lily Neill, Anouk Platenkamp, Hermanos Corbalan, Nicolette Chin, and Nikolaz Cadoret
More Info: http://www.harponwight.co.uk/harp-on-wight-2018.html

Chicago Harp Day

When: Nov. 4
Where: Chicago, Illinois
Who: Ann Yeung and others
More Info: https://harpcolumn.com/event/harp-day/

Zagreb Harp Festival

When: Nov. 11–Nov. 18
Where: Zagreb, Croatia
Who: Anneleen Lenaerts, Andrew Lawrence-King, Şirin Pancaroğlu, Mirjam Lučev Debanić, Tajana Vukelić Peić,  Biserka Krčelić, and others
More Info: http://zagrebharpfestival.com/


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