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Elizabeth Huston currently serves as the Executive Director of Synchromy, a composers’ collective in Los Angeles. She also works as a freelance grant writer and harpist, serving organizations across the nation.

—by Elizabeth Huston

In 2017, I was completing a homestudy. For those of you who are unfamiliar with that word, a homestudy is a process that prospective adoptive parents go through to ensure they are ready for parenthood and educated about the adoption process. Part of this includes a fairly benign psychological evaluation. One of the questions I was asked was, “In what ways do you struggle with your self-esteem?” I thought about it, expecting something to come up, but I honestly couldn’t think of anything current. We all had those strange and tumultuous middle school years, but those are long behind me. After I decided I had nothing to say, the social worker asked what I thought was the root cause of this confidence. Maybe this was something I could pass on to my child if I could only figure out what it was? At the time, I mentioned music, but only in a generic way: my parents had always been proud of my musical endeavors; they had supported my dreams. The conversation, however, left me at a loss. 

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