Six years strong: US Open Featured Entertainer


Last week I arrived to a now familiar scene at Opening Day of the US Open in Flushing, NY. It is my sixth year performing at the President’s Gate for the players and VIP’s as they arrive on the grounds. On any given day, Serena or Federer are walking by, the next Justin Timberlake or Anna Wintour. It’s a continual trail of the brightest lights in sports and entertainment.

This year, I was asked to do an on-camera interview with the USTA to talk about my many experiences at the Open. A short clip of it can be seen here: US Open Access: Grounds Entertainment. They filmed me playing about seven different songs, and the one they chose to use was Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”! #HarpsRock. 🙂

I’ll perform again for Men’s Finals on Sunday, closing out yet another memorable year at one of my very favorite gigs.




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