Salvi Harps introduces the lightweight Delta C with a carbon fiber body


Salvi Harps has launched the Delta C, a lighter, carbon fiber body version of the Italian harpmaker’s Delta lever harp. The new design weighs in at just over eight pounds. “By making the Delta C lighter and easier to play, we have opened a new universe of creative possibilities,” Marco Salvi, President, Salvi Harps and Lyon & Healy Harps says. “It offers a professional and highly expressive new voice.”

The original Delta model received the prestigious Red Dot Award for Design in 2017, with the jury describing it as “an innovative symbiosis of classical craftsmanship and the latest technology.” Both the original Delta and the new carbon fiber Delta C are 29–string electric models. They are compatible with PA systems, recording equipment, and effects processors. A strap, base, gig bag, and tuning key are included with both models.

To learn more about the new carbon fiber Delta C model, visit Salvi’s website.


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