Recording in Progress


A practical harpist’s guide to self recording

—by Rachel Lee Hall

“Sure, it would be
ideal to have an audio
engineer…but that
just isn’t practical or
cost effective.” —Rachel Lee Hall

Have you ever forgotten about an audition deadline and needed a last minute recording done? Have you ever needed recordings to update your website or provide sample audio clips to prospective clients for wedding gigs? Have you ever wished you had experience, equipment, and knowledge in audio recording? There are many reasons why learning some basic audio recording skills can be a crucial part of your growth as a musician, and they all have to do with practicality, perspective, and practice. In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of audio recording at home: Why is it important? Where do we start? What equipment should we use? How should we edit our recordings? And though we will mainly be exploring the audio component of home recording, much of what is discussed will apply to video recording as well.

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