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Last Saturday, I was privileged to host a performance by Duo Scorpio (Kathryn Andrews and Kristi Shade) at the University of Delaware. It was particularly fun for me, since Katie is a UD alumna, and a former student. Not only was the concert fabulous (not a surprise!), but my current students saw a wonderful, real-life example of making your harp journey a personally relevant one.

These two talented young women are pursuing a harp path unique to them and to their interests. Their passion for harp duo music, and for enlarging the duo repertoire with significant contemporary works, is taking them to places beyond the dreams of many harpists. They have found what they love, and found that we love it. too.

There is inspiration for all of us , especially those younger harpists who are looking for their places in the harp community. The lesson of Duo Scorpio is clear: the only way to play the harp is YOUR way.

—by Anne Sullivan


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