Modartt releases a Concert Harp patch for PianoTeq virtual piano


Pianoteq has released a concert harp patch for their virtual piano. “Pianoteq represents the future of virtual pianos, providing the best and latest technology available,” said the company in a press release.

The concert harp for Pianoteq is a patch for the company’s virtual piano and is modeled on the sound of a Salvi harp and includes the ability to play pinch harmonics (flageolets) and glissandos. “A diatonic playing mode was designed to offer a completely unique experience, closer to the reality of the instrument where seven pedals allow to change the pitch of the strings and play in all keys,” said the company.

The Concert Harp is sold as an instrument pack for 49€/$59 and requires the latest update 5.3 of Pianoteq.  Visit the Pianoteq website for more information on this virtual piano, and for a free trial.


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