Lyon & Healy Announces Summer Concert Series


Lyon & Healy has announced a Summer Concert Series to take place in Chicago July 8–11, 2015. Scheduled to appear are Sylvain Blassel, Elizabeth Hainen, Bridget Kibbey, Sivan Magen, and Remy van Kesteren, and the Chicago Harp Quartet. The event will also feature a performance by the 2013 Lyon & Healy Awards Winners: Helen Gerhold, Rachel Hall, and Ann Marie Liss. Watch Harp Column and for more information.


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  1. I wonder if anyone else is having this problem – I replaced the base piece of my transport cover set from Lyon and Healy and it doesn’t fit on the Lyon and Healy dolly that I’ve had for years! I slide the harp onto the dolly and go to fasten the strap and it slides right off. So, I added the bottom straps (which are on correctly), but they are a struggle to fasten because my harp slides off and they are barely long enough to fasten. Suggestions?
    I also liked the first style of the base cover better when it split in half and you could leave the front half in place during rehearsals to protect the harp from all those feet, chairs and bows.

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