Kirsten Agresta Copely receives Global Music Award


Kirsten Agresta Copely’s album Around the Sun received a silver medal for outstanding achievement from the Global Music Awards. We caught up with Agresta Copely to hear her thoughts on the achievement. “I’m especially excited and proud to have won a silver medal from the Global Music Awards as this is my first original album as a composer,” she says. “There were hundreds of entries from around the world, and it’s an honor that mine was the only new age album to be awarded a top prize. Receiving an international distinction in the first days of 2021 was simply awesome.” Agresta Copely pointed out that the unique effects heard on the album were “accomplished without aid of keyboards or synthesizers of any kind and were instead created with a mix of vintage and modern outboard units.” The album is available to stream online or purchase as a CD on Agresta Copely’s website. Read more about Around the Sun in  Harp Column‘s Q and A with Agresta Copely from January 2020.


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