Joanne King appointed harp professor at Ball State


Joanne King has been named the new professor of harp at Ball State University following the retirement of Elizabeth Richter, who taught there for nearly 40 years. “I’m looking forward to the opportunity to continue the legacy established by Elizabeth Richter, who was my teacher and mentor during my graduate studies at Ball State,” King shares. “She has done so much to make the program what it is today, so it’s a tremendous honor for me to take her place.

“I’m also very excited to see what new ideas can be integrated into our harp program and how it will continue to evolve as the world around us changes. The pandemic has certainly created its fair share of challenges, but my vision is to continue building a harp program that balances between tradition and innovation, providing the skills and tools needed for students to flourish no matter which career path they pursue.”

This year, harp classes at Ball State are in–person with the option for online instruction. Bands and orchestras are in a smaller format, so harpists will still be able to perform in ensembles. “These experiences can’t be replicated in an online format, so I’m quite thankful that the situation allows for live performances this semester. I think students are happy to be making music with their friends and peers.”


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