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This is quite exciting for me! First I was in the Harp Column 30 day practice challenge, where I to my family’s delight, practiced my kantele with great success. And, I also won a price, a one-year subscription to Harp Column and access to the website, which brings us here – I can have a harp blog! How great is that!

To introduce myself – I am a Swedish harpist, working as a harp teacher and freelance harpist. I took a Masters degree in Jazz Performance at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and I actually don’t have any degree in Classical Performance, but you can’t tell anyone, because I still play a lot of classical music with professional orchestras and in chamber groups. But my passion is improvisation and jazz, and I explore the possibilities with electric harp – I am fortunate to have a Camac Big Blue and a Baby Blue harp to play around with.

I hope there will be some fellow harpists out there that would like to follow my blog, because I enjoy writing and taking pictures, so having a blog sounds like something I should have done ages ago 🙂



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