Haley Rhodeside joins Orlando Philharmonic


After three rounds of auditions on May 31, Haley Rhodeside was selected as the new principal harpist of the Orlando Philharmonic. This is the second audition the orchestra hosted for this position, with the jury voting not to hire following two harpists’ trials last season. Rhodeside was one of the two selected in 2018 for a trial with the orchestra, and she says she is extremely excited to have won the job after such a long process.

“I mostly grew up in Florida, just an hour east of Orlando, and after spending the last several years moving all around the country for school and jobs, I’m ending up pretty close to where I started. In many ways it feels like a homecoming, but I had never actually spent much time in Orlando proper, and during my trial it was exciting to see that it seems to be a vibrant and growing city. Playing with the orchestra and Maestro Eric Jacobsen for a few concerts has been wonderful, and I think they have done a great job with innovative programming and reaching new audiences, so I’m really looking forward to returning for the new season in September!”

Rhodeside has been principal harpist with the Annapolis Symphony since 2016. She completed her master’s degree at the Yale School of Music, where she studied with June Han, and received a performer’s certificate and Bachelor of Music degree from Indiana University. She currently lives in Colorado Springs, Colo. To learn more about her, visit haleyharp.com.


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