Etude a Day is now Your Way


When I launched my Etude a Day Challenge a year ago, I knew that it would be a great resource for harpists, a way to get unstuck, jumpstart technique, give practice a focus and actually have some fun with etudes. What I didn’t know was how popular it would prove to be, getting fantastic results for those harpists who were able to participate.

Unfortunately, the “one etude every day for 25 days” format just didn’t work for everyone. So I have redesigned the challenge so you can take it “your way” at whatever pace you like. It has all the same materials – all 25 etudes and all the videos (80 of them!) – but you have access to them whenever and for as long as you want. You can do one each day, one a week, two a month, whatever works for you. And they work for lever and pedal harpists!

One of our original challengers had this to say:

I wanted to improve my technique in hopes of improving my playing. The video lessons met that expectation and more. I actually looked forward to every day’s new etude lesson. That never happened before.  🙂

Check it out at and see if it’s for you!


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