Dusty Strings introduces knot tying alternative


Seattle-based harpmaker Dusty Strings has created a new product that provides an alternative to tying a traditional knot on the end of a harp string. The company’s new String Buttons are larger than a traditional string anchor, reusable, can be threaded in a simple pattern without tightly gripping or pinching, and make use of the mechanical power of the tuning pin to cinch down the knot.

“Though simple in concept, it became a longer quest than anyone anticipated to design a string anchor that would be friendly to the hands, easy on the brain, and hold fast without damaging the strings,” Dusty Strings explained in a press release.

The String Buttons work for lever- and folk-tension nylon and gut strings and for pedal-tension strings in the third octave and above. For more information, visit DStrings.link/stringbuttons.


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  1. Saul Davis Zlatkovski on

    What is it made of, and will it avoid buzzing against the center strip? And if the string breaks and it falls down into the harp, then what?

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