Cynthia Price-Glynn Retires


Cynthia Price-Glynn retired in December as Chair of the Harp Department at Boston Conservatory. Price-Glynn developed the school’s unique collaborative harp department, “which offers teachers, training, and experiences in a wide range of career possibilities for harpists through the diverse faculty as well as the amazing harpists who reside or visit Boston,” according to an announcement from the Boston Conservatory. Those offerings have included competitions, auditions, teaching, therapeutic music, world music, arranging, singer-songwriting, and entrepreneurial endeavors, says the conservatory. The harp program will continue under the direction of Ina Zdorovetchi, who will be joined by Tomina Parvanova.

Following her retirement, Price-Glynn plans to pursue several projects underway: GentleMUSES “will explore and open new opportunities for therapeutic musicians,” says Cynthia, and KindredColors, a program for middle schools “examines skin colors scientifically and artfully with a course, presentations, and exhibits.”




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