6 things you don’t know about Dan Yu

1 What was the moment you knew you wanted to become a harpist?
When I first switched from piano to harp at age 10.

2 What’s your absolute favorite piece to play on the harp and why?
There is more than one! One of them is Brahms Intermezzo Op. 118, No. 2. It makes me cry.

3 Complete this sentence: If I weren’t a harpist, I’d be…
another type of musician, my father would panic if I didn’t play music : )

4 Favorite food:
Anything healthy and non-greasy.

5 Favorite city in the world:
I like all the cities I have lived. Shenyang, Baltimore, Roanoke, Bloomington, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Hong Kong. I have either families or friends in each city and all the memories are cherishable.

6 What was your first harp?
A Lyon & Healy 23 gold


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