2Tone Featured in International Musician


The jazz duo 2Tone—with harpist Cindy Horstman and bassist Michael Medina—is featured in the January 2015 issue of International Music. The publication is the journal of the American Federation of Musicians; Horstman and Medina are members of Dallas local 72-147. The article talks about Horstman’s approach to jazz harp, along with how the two began collaborating as a duo. “When I started playing with Cindy, I was there to play the gig, get the money, and go home,” says Medina in the article. “But I soon figured out that she could do things on that instrument that a piano, horn, or guitar player couldn’t do.” The duo has recorded 10 albums and continues to perform around the country. Read the full article on internationalmusician.org.

Read more about 2Tone on www.cindyhorstman.com.



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