2019 Guide to Fall Festivals


Just like that, summer is nearing its end, and for many, the school year is about to begin. With the onset of a new season comes a lot of exciting opportunities to get inspired by harpists around the world. Check out our festival roundup below to find one that interests you.

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Granard Harp Festival

When: August 22–25, 2019
Where: Granard, Ireland  
Who: Kim Fleming and others
More Info: heritageweek.ie/whats-on/event/granard-harp-festival-2019

Buenos Aires Harp Week

When: August 31–September 7, 2019
Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Who: Lenka Petrovic, Oscar Rodríguez Do Campo, Lucrecia Jancsa, and Felipe Martini 
More Info: email oscardocampo98@hotmail.com

Singapore HarpFest VI

When: September 5–8, 2019
Where: Singapore, Malaysia
Who: Katryna Tan, Sylvain Blassel, and Jakez Francois
More Info: singaporeharpfest.com

Harptacular Omaha

When: September 13–15, 2019
Where: Omaha, Nebraska
Who: Duo Scorpio, Mary Bircher, Anita Jaynes, Kim Meyer, and Katie Wychulis
More Info: lyonhealy.com/harptacular

Cromarty Harp Village

When: September 20–22, 2019
Where: Cromarty, United Kingdom
Who: Corrina Hewat, Rachel Newton, Mary Macmaster, and Isbel Pendlebury
More Info: cromartyartstrust.org.uk/the-harp-village.asp

Festival de l’arpa a Terrassa

When: September 21–22, 2019
Where: Terrassa, Spain
Who: Tristan Le Govic
More Info: camac-harps.com/en/events

Nova Scotia Harp Festival

When: September 21–22, 2019
Where: Halifax, Canada
Who: Johanne McInnis, Thea Huard, Wendy Murray, Ellen Gibling, and Alexis Milligan
More Info: nsharp.ca

Harp Weekend Vienna

When: September 30–October 2, 2019
Where: Vienna, Austria
Who: Georg Baum, Veronika Villanyi, Norbert Maie, and Norbert Maie
More Info: elvenkings-harp.at

Harp Festival Zurich

When: October 15–October 19, 2019
Where: Zurich, Switzerland
Who: Alexander Boldachev, Park Stickney, Remy van Kesteren, Alisa Sadikova, and Tjasha Gafner
More Info: http://harpfestivalzurich.ch/

Harptacular Boston

When: October 18–20, 2019
Where: Boston, Massachusetts
Who: Julie Smith Phillips, Franziska Huhn, Krysten Keches, Felice Pomeranz, and Lizary Rodriguez
More Info: lyonhealy.com/harptacular

Camac Festival

When: October 18–20
Where: Toulouse, France
Who: Veronika Lemishenko, Rossitza Milevska, Nolwenn Arzel, Jessica Browning, David Lootvoet, and others
More Info: camac-harps.com/en/events

Harpissima Lyon

When: October 24–25, 2019
Where: Lyon, France
Who: Fabrice Pierre and Sylvain Blassel
More Info: salviharps.com/harpissima-europe-2019

Harpissima Salerno

When: October 25–27, 2019
Where: Salerno, Italy
Who: Sonja Tavormina
More Info: salviharps.com/harpissima-europe-2019

Chicago Harp Day

When: November 3, 2019
Where: Chicago, Illinois
Who: Bridget Kibbey and Claire Happel Ashe
More Info: lyonhealy.com/harp-day

Harpissima Sofia

When: November 7–10, 2019
Where: Sofia, Bulgaria
Who: Anna Loro
More Info: salviharps.com/harpissima-europe-2019

Harpissima Firenze

When: November 29–December 1, 2019
Where: Firenze, Italy
Who: Cristina Bianchi
More Info: salviharps.com/harpissima-europe-2019


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