Yolanda Kondonassis announces FIVE MINUTES for Earth


(composers pictured from top row, l. to r.) Chen Yi, Nathaniel Heyder, Aaron Jay Kernis, Patrick Harlin, Hannah Lash, Keith Fitch, Stephen Hartke, Reena Esmail, Zhou Long, Michael Daugherty, Gary Schocker, Jocelyn Chambers, Daniel Dorff, Philip Maneval, and Máximo Diego Pujol are featured in Yolanda Kondonassis’ new project.

Grammy-nominated harpist Yolanda Kondonassis is combining her passion for new music and conservation in her latest project FIVE MINUTES for Earth. The project aims to bring “the classical music community together in support of Earth conservation.” Kondonassis commissioned 15 composers to write short pieces for harp “that express a powerful experience inspired by Earth in one of its many conditions or atmospheres.” Composers Chen Yi, Jocelyn Chambers, Michael Daugherty, Daniel Dorff, Reena Esmail, Keith Fitch, Patrick Harlin, Stephen Hartke, Nathaniel Heyder, Aaron Jay Kernis, Hannah Lash, Philip Maneval, Máximo Diego Pujol, Gary Schocker, and Zhou Long contributed their works to the project. The collection of new works will be recorded and released through Azica Records in March 2022. Kondonassis will premiere the FIVE MINUTES collection in both Los Angeles and New York City in April 2022.  Following the world premiere, sheet music will be made available to harpists across the globe. For each verified performance by a harpist of one of the works in the collection, Kondonassis’ non-profit organization, Earth at Heart, will make a donation to a conservation organization.

“As a musician, I see the profound impact of the arts all around us on a daily basis. That is why I founded Earth at Heart,” Kondonassis says. “When we see an idea expressed in the language of music, dance, visual art, or poetry, those sensory experiences often open the mind and heart to interaction and reaction in ways that mere facts may not. With every passing moment, we lose ground in the battle to protect our environment from the dire consequences of waste, neglect, and abuse. Action is the goal, but a visceral call to engagement can be the catalyst. There is not a minute to lose in our battle to protect the future of our planet, and an open heart and inspired commitment can make all the difference.”

To learn more about Kondonassis’ upcoming project, visit her website.


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