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Question: I was referred to sub for another harpist’s annual church gig when she had an emergency. Is it appropriate or ethical for me to contact the church next year about hiring me again?

"In a word, no!," says Adrienne Bridgewater

“In a word, no!,” says Adrienne Bridgewater

In a word, no! If the referring harpist is still working professionally in the area, this job is ethically hers. If she has moved to another city or changed careers and is no longer accepting gigs in your area, then it would be ethical to contact the church.

Even if the church were to contact you, the most ethical response would be to check with the referring harpist. When in doubt, it’s usually a good idea to approach a colleague and ask what her position is regarding the job.

Another helpful tact is to put yourself in her shoes. If you referred another harpist to sub for your annual church gig during an emergency (or for any other reason for that matter), would it be okay with you if the other harpist contacted the church to offer her services next year?

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