Salvi releases new electro acoustic harp


Salvi Harps released a new electro acoustic 38–stringed lever harp modeled off the popular Una Celtic harp. With a dark gray finish, the instrument is promoted for its “silkgut” copper strings, which have a metallic copper powder to reduce the sound shift that happens when transitioning from wire to non–wire strings. “In 2017, we launched the [acoustic]Una lever harp after careful research and study,” says Salvi representative Massimo Dell’Anna. “Our goal was to create a professional lever harp that had the right sound for playing Celtic/folk music, while being portable and lightweight at the same time. Given the success of the Una in the last three years, the logical step was to give her the option for a louder voice with our electroacoustic system. Our goal when building electroacoustic harps is always to enhance the acoustic voice of the harp, rather than having a straight electric sound. We try not to alter the natural sound of the harp, and we think that the excellent quality of the piezoelectric pickups that we use—the same as on our Rainbow pedal harp series—joined with the balance of our built–in preamp achieves the result that we and many harpists are looking for.”

Billed as “light and powerful,” the harp weighs 25.5 lbs and is just shy of 54 in tall. After a showcase in the United States, the Una made its European debut at the 38th annual Edinburgh International Harp Festival from April 5–10, with live demonstrations provided by Gráinne Hambly and Eira Lynn Jones.

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