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Addi & Jacq

Addi & Jacq celebrate their new CD release on Nov. 20 at the Jerry Orbach Theater (50th and Broadway).

I just love it when something new appears on my harp radar. Harpist Jacqui Kerrod has managed to do just that with her eclectic folk duo Addi and Jacq. Take one look at the pair’s casually chic album cover or their laid back-yet-trendy website, and I’m sure  you’ll want to know more about them. With their “Addi and Jacq” CD release party set for Thursday, Nov. 20, this seemed like a good time for a Q and A. Read on…

Q: So, for anyone who’s never heard of Addi and Jacq, can you describe the duo and what you do?

The intimate sound of Addi & Jacq is comprised solely of harp and vocals (with a little looping​!​). Our music has been described as melodic pop with nods toward folk, R&B, and classical. Our songs range from delicate acoustic gems to layered electric harp grooves that​ may​ make you want to dance​!

Q: How did you meet, and how did you decide you wanted to work together?

We met at The Fantasticks five years ago. Sharing a dressing room we soon became friends and talked about all sorts [of things]: love, the latest TV shows, the best makeup to buy, our mutual obsession with Gummy Bears…! But what soon emerged was our mutual desire to create and write music. Neither of us had seriously done it before so we just decided to get together and jam.

Q: If you had to describe your sound in one word, it would be______?

That’s a tough one! Perhaps…fresh!

Q: Ok, now give us a few more words. What can people expect when they hear you?

They can expect to be surprised by the variety of styles and sounds that we bring together. We bring an interesting fusion of genres and influences due to the diversity in our backgrounds. We’ve been told that it makes for an exciting/interesting experience.

Q: You have a CD release party on Nov. 20th. Tell us about the CD. What’s on it, how did it happen, etc….?

We couldn’t be more excited to present the songs from our debut album. After jamming for a while we realized we had quite a collection of interesting songs that we felt were worth sharing. Since this was our first attempt, we wanted this album to be an exploration. We didn’t set out to fit into any kind of genre.

What’s next for you now that you’ve completed your CD?

We are looking forward to some fun concerts in the spring. A few of our songs will be arranged for string ensemble/vocals and harp! We have a handful of new songs on the go for a second album. Tour dates for 2015 are in the works!

Q: Anything else you want Harp Column readers to know about you?

We love what we do and are excited about all the music that’s out there! Meeting and collaborating with other artists is something that keeps us inspired.

Q: What do you do when you’re not being part of Addi and Jacq?

Addi: I try to stay involved in the music community as much as possible. I have an acting background and work in the NY theater scene.
Jacqui: I’m an active freelancer in NYC, which means I basically do everything from orchestral music, chamber music, session work, Broadway shows, and contemporary music. I also discovered my love for teaching a few years ago!

Read more at www.addiandjacq.com.

Listen to Addi & Jacq on Soundcloud.


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