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They keep us company during endless practice sessions and are always there for us after a rough gig. Whether they are furry or feathered or scaly, harpists love their pets. We asked harpists around the world to show us their pets by sharing their photos on social media using the hashtag #practicalharpist. They were all cute (the pets, not the harps), but here are a few of our favorites from this challenge. Check out the rest of the amazing entries by searching #practicalharpist on Instagram , Twitter , or Facebook .

Winner: Femke Brouwer, The Netherlands, via Twitter @FvRhjin. Caption: This is how my daily life looks. Casual stroll with the baby."

This is how my daily life looks. Casual stroll with the baby.”


Femke Brouwer:
@FvRhijnm, The Netherlands
What pays the bills?
Currently an M.D., pursuing a Ph.D.
What’s your hidden talent?
Cooking. I love to experiment with ingredients you don’t usually find in the supermarket. I’m also very good at julienning carrots.
Tell us about your pet snake: 
Her name is Mimara and she is a carpet python. She will gladly hug your arm for hours (including during harp practice). She displays a special fondness towards the harp, if we let her she’ll hide in the sound box. It’s quite hard to get her out of there so now we always keep an eye on her if she’s near the harp.
What is your favorite piece to play on the harp?
I really love both folk music and classical music. On the lever harp, I love to play the Handel Concerto. I’ve had a pedal harp for just one month now, so now my favorite piece is the first prelude in the first prelude book by Andrés. One day, I would really like to be able to play Fauré’s Impromptu. That is the piece that got me practicing again during medical school. I had sort of given up the harp, but watching lots of YouTube videos made me realize that I still loved the instrument and that there’s so much nice music out there!
What’s your favorite smartphone app?
I have spent way too much time with the 2048 app. For music I use Optima Tuner and ProMetronome.
What did you want to be when you were a kid?
A doctor. Yes, I was the type of kid that read medical encyclopedias for fun. I started playing the harp when I was 8 or 9, but I never really considered becoming a harpist as a career, I’m not that talented!

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