Harp Column Podcast Episode 55


Welcome to Harp Column Podcasts, where we go behind the stories in Harp Column with host Kristina Finch. In this episode, we talk with Grace Browning, author of our new column Lessons on the Job. For more practical harp news and information visit www.harpcolumn.com, and tune in for more podcasts taking you behind the stories in Harp Column.

I’ve lived in about 14 different places and I guess this is pretty common with musicians but it totally wasn’t what I expected… no one told me what my day to day would be like as an orchestral harpist.


Grace Browning’s website: https://www.gracebrowningharpist.com/

Inside the Practice Room with members of the Dallas Harp quartet: Grace Browning, Emily Levin, and Cheryl Losey Feder: https://harpcolumn.com/academy/inside-the-practice-room/

Dallas Harp Quartet performs “Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565” by J.S. Bach:


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