Floraleda Releases Intimamente Tango


Floraleda Sacchi has released Intimamente Tango, her new recording with violinist Maristella Patuzzi of works by Astor Piazzolla on the Decca label. The disc includes standards such as “Libertango” and the “Histoire du Tango” suite, along with other less well-known works by the Argentinian composer. “There were no defined scores for the pieces in this recording,” says Sacchi in the disc’s liner notes. “We had to work with our ears and musical taste to make music that was Piazzolla’s but that was also ours and, above all, music that belonged to our instruments.”

Track List:

1. Libertango
2. Milonga del ángel
3. Muerte del ángel
4. Resurrección del ángel
5. Escualo
6. Ave Maria
7. Verano porteño
8. Otono porteño
9. Inverno porteño
10. Primavera porteña
11. Tanguango
12. Fugata-Adiós Noniño Fantasia
13. Oblivion
14. Bordel 1900
15. Café 1930
16. Nightclub 1960
17. Concert 1990

For more information about the CD, track samples, and to purchase, visit intimamentetango.com.


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