First edition of the festival “Harpes au max”


What a surprise!

How could i imagined such a show from different culture, person, kind and style of music ?

Here was the first combination of so many harp music in the world for the Festival « Harpes au max », at Ancenis between the May, 13th and May, 15th, in France.

I saw, heard and felt the music of several artist such as WU Lin and her traditional chinese harp, Deborah Henson-Conant and her electric harp and finally, Marie Claire Jamet, one of the greatest professional french harpist.

For this festival, the goal was to propose the greatest number of artist around the harp and to make rediscover to the public the beauty of the harp.

Challenge accepted! As a cello player who see the harp as boring and always classic, I can say now that i have been astounded by the creativity and the evolutions that artist created all over the world, around the harpe.

I even heard the significant sentence in the public “When i’ll think to the harp, i’ll never see a young evanescent ladies playing behind her impressive instrument”.

WU Lin

I hope I’ll go to the second edition of the festival and recommend it to all experts and inexperts of this multi-cultural instrument.




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