English translation of Guide to the Contemporary Harp published


Indiana University Press has released an English translation of the 2013 French text, Guide to the Contemporary Harp. Written by Mathilde Aubat–Andrieu, Laurence Bancaud, Aurélie Barbé and Hélène Breschand, the book covers organology, notation, composition, and playing techniques, in addition to including a list of contemporary harp repertoire. IU Press bills it as “an essential guide for any harpist looking to push the instrument and its music to new heights.” Hélène Breschand says, “The book came from the desire to list all the signs and codifications existing in contemporary writing for the harp, both for harpists and composers. We have tried to sort out the most effective signs and to propose the most varied examples to testify to the richness of creation.”

When asked about the original 2013 text in comparison to the recently published translation, Breschand says, “The English version allowed us to re–actualize the book and to propose new examples of works. It’s incredible that in such a short period of time, new sound objects, new writings, and so many new pieces emerged.”

The four authors of the text are the co–founders of Les Signes de l’Arc, an organization that is dedicated to organizing harp concerts, commissions, recordings, conferences, and publications. “This book has allowed us to answer many questions from musicians and to give rise to the creation of our site, where we try to inform and strengthen our international network,” says Breschand. “It has been an exciting project!”

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