Camac Unveils the “Isolde”


Camac Harps has launched its newest lever harp model this month with the introduction the Isolde. “I am very proud to announce the launch of our latest Camac lever harp,” says Jakez Francois, President of Camac Harps. “This is a large lever harp with 38 fluorocarbon strings, placed in our range between the Korrigan (38 strings, gut) and the Melusine (38 strings, nylon).” Camac produced the Isolde in response to a growing demand from harpists for a large harp with fluorocarbon strings, according to Francois, who describes the strings as “strong, stable in pitch, and full-bodied in sound.”

The Isolde comes in both concert tension and lighter tension versions. The concert tension model uses fluorocarbon strings from Kürschner, while the lighter (Celtic) tension model is strung with Savarez Alliance strings. The Isolde’s levers are customized according to the string gauge. (Once strung, the string gauge can be changed, however Camac advises that the levers need to be replaced as well.) Camac enlisted the German designer and harpist Carolin Nobles to create two new soundboard decorations for the Isolde. The “Finn” pattern is a traditional Celtic knot style, while the “Sylphes” pattern, depicts acanthus leaves.

The 38-string Camac Isolde weighs 13.5 kg. Read more about it


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