Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble launches fundraiser


Want to support harpists and help the environment at the same time? Check out the latest project by the Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble (BAYHE), under the director of Diana Stork. The group is on a mission to raise awareness of the need to save ancient Redwood trees and has just released their second video fundraiser. “With our harps, we act as a voice for the trees to protect and nurture them for future generations,” says Stork. “Old growth Redwoods are especially critical because they sequester more carbon dioxide than any other living thing on earth. We are dependent on them, and they need our help.”

The video, which features “Dialog with a Brook,” by Sylvia Woods, follows a summer 2016 tour with proceeds going to the Humboldt Redwoods Interpretive Association. Stork hopes the video will inspire more donations to the environmental cause. Want to help? You can donate here.

Find out more about BAYHE on their Facebook page.


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