Angelica Hairston is the Artistic Director of the Urban Youth Harp Ensemble. When she’s not teaching over 80 students, she enjoys cooking, taking power naps, and making impulse buys on Amazon.

How musicians can be voices for social change

The world around us is so intense. We’re constantly bombarded with news of violence, inequality, and tragedy. As difficult global conversations unfold, it’s only right that we situate art and artists within the fight for social justice. Art is a powerful weapon for social change. Through music we learn compassion, empathy, resilience, and creativity. We practice respectful communication and work towards a common goal in light of our differences. What if every human valued these skills? How would we treat one another? Imagine how different our world would look.

My story

I never considered myself an advocate for social justice, after all, I am just a musician. But I came to grasp the power the arts can have, and I grew to understand that change happens with intentionality and a good dose of courage.

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