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We couldn’t help but notice singer/harpist Jeneve Rose Mitchell featured on this week’s episode of “American Idol.” Although the focus was clearly on Mitchell’s voice and not her laid-back accompaniment, we still have to give her props for putting harp in the spotlight. Plus, she played it standing up, which is “not easy to do,” according to judge Keith Urban. Harry Connick Junior wasn’t a fan of the harp, calling it a “disservice” to the song. Jennifer Lopez found it “beautiful.”

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  1. I have to disagree with Harry. Jeneve did a beautiful job with this song, creating a pure, evocative, haunting moment. It’s hard to hear this song and not think of Sarah McLachlan’s version of it, but Jeneve made me forget the original version! The harp accompaniment did not distract from her vocals at all for me; it just provided another lovely layer underneath the performance.

  2. luverne-adamson on

    I saw the show and immediately recognized her harp because I have the same one built from a kit by my husband. It was lovely and I was amazed she did as well as she did standing up to play and sing. That particular harp is called the Regency and the kit comes from Musicmakers in Minnesota. The harp can be purchased already constructed but we wanted to try building it ourselves. It has a particularly sweet voice, I have had mine for 15 years and just love it. I was thrilled to finally hear a harp on American Idol, have always wondered if someone would ever come on to play and sing with one. She is a very talented young lady !

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