8 things you don’t know about Remy van Kesteren

1 What was the moment you knew you wanted to become a harpist?
When I was five years old, sitting on the swing in the garden of my mother’s friend, I suddenly heard a beautiful sound through the open window upstairs. I ran up as fast as I could and there I saw the harp for the first time and was enchanted by the instrument and it’s sound.

2 What’s your absolute favorite piece to play on the harp and why?
It changes daily, but I absolutely love to play Shostakovich’s Prelude and Fugue. It’s not an original harp piece obviously, but so hauntingly beautiful and after working on it for over a year to make it work and sound well on the harp, it has truly become a part of me. It also made me realize that our instrument is capable of much more than I imagined before; even a four voiced fugue is at home on the harp!

3 Favorite food:
Sushi, Ben&Jerries, truffle pasta

5 Favorite city in the world:
Rio de Janeiro. The weather obviously, the people, the lifestyle and most of all their passion for music.

What was your first harp?
An Irish harp, custom made by an Irishman.

7 Name something you’ve never done in your career that’s on your bucket list:
Write a book, direct a movie, and become a wine-expert 🙂

8  What’s the best advice you can give an aspiring harpist?
Making music is about telling a story. Practice hard, but especially make sure to LIVE, because you need experiences to share (on stage) and what can you tell if the only thing you know are the four walls of your practice room? So always rely on your creativity and make your insecurity your best friend; only then it will help you to push your boundaries and help you to become the best version of yourself.


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